A proud family business

TransWest is a Flemish family business. You will notice this in many ways : we are working every day to improve our quality and continuity, always keeping both feet on the ground. We’re a flat organization, we have direct communication lines and can take quick decisions when necessary. This is why we have been a leading distribution and logistics company for the last 65 years.

Service is teamwork

As a company, we connect more than 200 employees of up to 10 different nationalities. And yet our approach remains personal. This was always the case and remains that way. This goes for the driver with 30 years seniority to the junior graduate office employee. A strong team spirit is the engine of our approach.

Continous improvement, that's what we strive for.
Mg 1430 Landscape Mg 1430 Landscape

Invest in quality and capacity

Continue to evolve and grow together with you, our customer. That is our future. By actively working out solutions with you and further investing in quality and capacity, we continue to build an even better, faster and safer transport for frozen products.