Transport & distribution

As an experienced logistics partner we are at home in every branch of the frozen sector. Industry, retail or food service: we speak your language and that of your clients, literally. Our trucks drive today to the destinations where your customer tomorrow will ask you to deliver.

Flexible fleet

Thanks to a flexible fleet of tractors and trailers we can give you appropriate answers to changing needs. 65 years of experience proves that we understand your logistical problems and shows we can easily deal with new requirements, whether they come from your markets, from your end customer or from legislation.

We work closely with you

A good supply chain partner thinks along with you and creates added value. Together with you we analyse the goods flows and look for an optimal solution. By better pooling of drops we increase capacity utilisation of the trailers. Result? Less handling, fewer stops, less mileage and less CO2.

National transport

Daily distribution at-22 C°

Fast, efficient and care-free. A daily distribution shipment starts from 1 pallet to a full load, anywhere in the Benelux. Your order on day A, delivery on day C.

Fine mesh distribution in Belgium for larger volumes. Inquire for contract logistics options.

International transport

Groupage shipments at-22 C°, several times a week to France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Each delivery is done with a dedicated fleet and starts from Oostkamp where all cross docking takes place.

Also larger volumes and full loads at-22 C° to France, Germany and the Netherlands. As control tower, we manage the entire logistics to your destination. With or without external partners we create an optimal combination for your transport, storage and crossdock needs. So enjoy having one main partner who is always approachable and always responsible for this part of your supply chain.

Motivated and experienced staff

Drivers, transport planners, mechanics, warehouse operators , orderpickers and administrative staff. People driven to complete your shipments with passion and conviction. In our own Training Centre, our employees are constantly schooled to improve their knowledge of quality principles of IFS Logistics. So you’re sure that at any time the latest quality requirements from the food sector will be applied and followed up in detail.